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Simple, nutritious, plant-based recipes that are perfect for cozy winter days -- brought to you by Take Two Foods and Whole Foods Market. See below for details on prizes and how to enter.

Plant-rich in the Kitchen

Versatile, Nutritious, & Sustainable

Take Two Foods is excited to be partnering with Whole Foods Market this winter on an exciting giveaway and a series of four delicious plant-based recipes featuring Take Two Chef’s Blend Barleymilk. These recipes -- created in FINEX Cast Iron Cookware -- are versatile, big on flavor, easy to prepare, and packed with plant-rich nutrition!

Take Two Barleymilk is the world’s first ever plant-based milk made from upcycled, Rejuvenated Barley. Every year, billions of pounds of spent grain from beer production go to waste -- most is fed to livestock and the rest sadly ends up in landfills. But spent grain can be upcycled and transformed into a delicious, nourishing, everyday food ingredient. It's this barley we use to make Take Two Barleymilk.

Our Chef's Blend Barleymilk is a delicious and nourishing plant-based milk that performs like traditional dairy. Chef’s Blend's creamy, smooth, and rich finish makes it the ultimate ingredient for all of your favorite kitchen creations -- from sweet dishes to savory applications -- and, it won't separate or change in texture when heated!

You can find Take Two Chef’s Blend and Take Two Vanilla at your local PNW Whole Foods Market.


Giveaway Details

Register below January 6-February 3 to be entered to win a $250 Whole Foods Market gift card, a FINEX cast iron skillet, and a four-pack of Take Two Chef's Blend Barleymilk. Four winners will be chosen at random and announced the first week of February 2021. One entry per person allowed. Click here for complete giveaway details and rules.



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Take Two Skillet Brownies

These plant-based brownies are rich in cocoa and moderately sweet. The difference is they don’t use eggs or added oils. Instead, this recipe features avocado, cannellini beans, and Take Two Chef’s Blend Barleymilk. Delicious brownies with real nutrition? Now that’s something to celebrate!

Recipe launching January 6, 2021.

Take Two Vegetable Risotto

This rich and creamy plant-based risotto has all the flavor and decadence that’s quintessential to this classic Italian dish. It’s a versatile recipe that can be brought to life and customized in many delicious ways through use of different broths, herbs, spices, and vegetables.

Recipe launching January 13, 2021.

Take Two Soft-Baked Oatmeal Bars

These soft-baked oatmeal bars take winter breakfast to the next level with nutritious bananas and nut butter for flavor and that boost of energy you need in the morning, AND protein and fiber that will help sustain you until lunch!

Recipe launching January 20, 2021.

Take Two Spinach Artichoke Dip

A crowd and game-time favorite: spinach artichoke dip. This plant-based recipe is rich and creamy, but doesn’t have as much fat and oil as most recipes. It’s a simple recipe that can be made ahead of time and then baked right before serving.

Recipe launching January 27, 2021.


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