By doubling-down on taste, nutrition, and sustainability, we’ve raised the bar for what plant-based food can and should bring to the table. We have an insatiable hunger to create a plant-rich future - one that empowers humans, animals, and the planet to thrive.

Plant-Rich for the Planet

Eating a plant-rich diet is considered one of the most efficient and effective ways to impact climate change. A plant-rich diet can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production by more than 50%, in addition to saving water, land, and other precious natural resources.*

*Source: Project Drawdown: Plant-Rich Diets

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Championing Resources

Up to 35% of the food supply in high-income economies goes to waste, contributing 8% of global emissions.** And livestock production contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector.* Take Two is contributing to global efforts to reduce emissions upcycling the spent grain from beer brewing and turning it into delicious, nourishing, and sustainable food -- thus tackling both food waste and dependence on animals for food.

**Source: Project Drawdown: Reduced Food Waste

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Why Take Two - an infographic outlining how Take Two takes spent grain from beer brewing (billions of pounds produced each year) and rejuvenates it to make Barley-Milk. Barley is a superfood powerhouse, packed with plant protein.


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