Safe Food Today for a Healthy Tomorrow

Safe Food Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Today, June 7th, is World Food Safety Day.

At Take Two, we are committed to ensuring that the food we create and share is safe to eat, doing our part to contribute to the health of people, animals and the environment.

Since learning about Take Two, you may have wondered: "Is eating upcycled spent grain safe?"

To which we joyfully reply: "It is really safe."

We've partnered with EverGrain, an Anheuser-Busch InBev company, to upcycle spent grain. EverGrain carefully collects spent grain from AB InBev breweries and transports it to their upcycling facilities for safe handling.

Following the highest food safety and food manufacturing standards, EverGrain extracts the protein from the spent grain and dries it into a sustainable protein powder.

Spent grain is challenging to salvage, which is one of the reasons why +8 billion pounds are wasted during beer brewing each year. When the grain comes out of the mashtun, it is warm and wet. Imagine oatmeal on the stove -- it’s a similar consistency.

At this stage, all of the factors needed for microbial growth are present, so the upcycling process begins readily.

The spent grain is dried and transformed into barley and rice protein powder that we utilize to craft our Barleymilk. It’s safe to drink and nourishing.

Through upcycling, Take Two is creating second chances for food, people and the planet!

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