It's Golden: Chef's Blend to Original

Here at Take Two, we are committed to learning and getting better every day. The most important way we do this is by learning from your feedback.

Thanks to your help, we’re changing the name of our Chef’s Blend flavor to Original. As your favorite flavor in our line-up, we knew we were onto something: the creamy mouthfeel, the balanced flavor, and versatility in the kitchen. While you at-home chef’s loved to cook and bake with it, others wondered if they could use it in things like coffee, cereal, or drinking by the glassful? The answer is: yes! And, we’re sorry for not making that more clear.

We’d love to introduce you to our Original. The gold standard for how Barleymilk should taste, nourish, and perform. Just like before, our Original is a no-compromise plant-based milk that serves as a one-for-one replacement with traditional dairy.

Our Original:

  • is made from Rejuvenated Barley (sustainable, upcycled grain)
  • offers 5 grams of complete plant protein per serving
  • is great for cooking, baking, coffee, smoothies, cereal, and drinking by the glassful
  • is creamy and delicious, with a balanced flavor

What’s different? Just 2 grams less fat (so, five grams instead of seven) and 20 less calories.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new Take Two Original Barleymilk! Once you’ve tried it, send us a note at

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