Earth Day

Honoring and celebrating the Earth is our way of life and we recognize that for you, it is, too.

On Earth Day, our home planet is placed at the heart of things. On this day, more and more individuals, organizations, and communities tune-in to add their voices to the growing movements forwarding sustainability, climate action, and stewardship of the Earth’s finite resources.

Take Two is doing our part to create a healthy home planet by utilizing upcycled spent grain to craft our products, reducing food waste, and championing circularity as the roadmap to a sustainable future.

Here at Take Two our year-round mission is all about upcycling!⁠ Every year, over 8 billion pounds of spent grain goes to waste. By diverting spent grain from becoming livestock feed or going into landfills, you’re helping us upcycle — and give a second chance to — a nutritious food ingredient that would otherwise be discarded.⁠

Each bottle of Take Two Barleymilk diverts 1 pound of spent grain from going to waste. We're on track to upcycle 500,000 lbs of spent grain this year!⁠

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