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Our commitment is to craft the world’s most remarkable plant-based foods made with the highest-quality ingredients, while championing the planet’s resources.


Barleymilk Raises the Bar

Take Two raises the bar for what plant-based milk can and should bring to the table. We’ve crafted the first-ever Barleymilk to satisfy your craving for a plant-based milk that’s delicious, nourishing, functional, sustainable. Its creamy, smooth, and rich finish is perfect for drinking by the glassful, using in recipes, and foaming in barista-quality beverages.

Barleymilk Lineup

Ingredients Matter

Take Two is crafted using highest-quality plant ingredients, including Rejuvenated Barley -- a powerhouse, low-carbon protein made from upcycled spent grain. Our Barleymilk contains complete protein, calcium, and good fats and has +50% less sugar than other leading brand plant-based milks.

Take Two Barleymilk and an açaí smoothie

Barleymilk on a Mission

Take Two is more than our name. It’s our purpose: to create second chances for our health and the planet. We give a second life to spent grain because people deserve delicious, nourishing food, and because the planet deserves better, too. Our mission is to help catalyze the shift to a sustainable, plant-rich food system and to create a better future.



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